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Audit, Review & Compilation

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Audit, review & compilation

Williams & Company PC is pleased to provide comprehensive audit, review, and compilation services to businesses and organizations.  Before you head off to see your lender, creditor, grantor, bonding company, regulator, potential purchaser, or anyone else requiring a report of your financial situation, you’ll want to make sure that your financial statements are properly prepared, in order, and free of error. Audit, review, and compilation are three distinct services that come together to provide for the organization and integrity of your company’s financial situation as it’s represented on paper.

What Can Audit, Review, & Compilation Do For You?

The compilation of your financial statements is a necessary step before any inquiry or transaction with your bank, lender, investor, etc.  Reviews and audits are two levels of verification that can smooth the lending or purchasing process at-hand and are often required by a lender, regulator, or granting agency.  Compiling, reviewing, and auditing your financial statements with a professional auditor will expediate the process and alleviate any headaches that could potentially arise with your current endeavor.

We can provide compilation, review, and audit services for commercial entities, governmental organizations, health care organizations, nonprofit organizations, and other specialized niche industries. With our wealth of experience, you can rest assured that our reports are accurate and useful in refining transactions and operational procedures.