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Governmental entities are constantly working against a unique set of obstacles, including making difficult decisions in balancing their budgets, meeting the needs of constituency groups, and working through ever-changing accounting standards and increasing federal and state regulations.

Williams & Company knows the challenges that these entities face on a day-to-day basis and continues to provide quality services at economical rates. Cities must balance constituent expectations with budget constraints in order to properly maintain infrastructure and public services. School districts are challenged to maintain quality programs and services while regulations increase and funding decreases.  We attend special trainings and maintain applicable reference materials to stay abreast of changes that directly affect government operations. For governmental entities of all shapes and kinds, we are always proactive in communicating with you and being your partner in solving financial issues.

We have a long-standing reputation for integrity, proficiency, and quality of service. Our specialty client base includes the following governmental sectors:

  • Cities

  • Utilities

  • Counties

  • Community Colleges

  • School Districts

  • 28E Agreements

Drawing on our experience and strengths, our-relationship-based approach helps deliver the following services, so you can focus on running your government:

  • Financial Statement Audits, Reviews, and Compilations

  • Agreed-Upon Procedures

  • Government Auditing Standards (Yellow Book) Audits

  • Uniform Guidance Audits

  • CAFR Preparation Assistance

  • Accounting Services / Audit Readiness